Guerda internationaal


Elite Connexion, a high-end marriage agency is located throughout France and also internationally. The members advised by Guerda are mostly business leaders, or practice liberal professions, are senior executives, self-employed or artists. Most of them are mobile. Indeed, this is the case because the members come from various backgrounds. In addition, the people who join Elite Connexion have a certain mentality. Indeed, they are financially independent, open-minded, have a good socio-cultural level. But also, they have good manners and elegance.

They all have in common the desire to meet the person who will suit them best. This, with sincerity, respect and honesty. Despite their elegance and their belonging to a certain milieu, members of Elite Connexion are still natural and authentic. They are only looking for one thing: Love.

To achieve this objective, several actions are implemented. It is true that Guerda, founder of Elite Connexion, accompanied by her instinct is “very caring” with her members. It takes into account their personality, their past, as much sentimental as professional or social. In addition, she will also learn about their desires, through character traits, activities they wish to share with their other half or physical criteria. Added to this, Guerda will provide its members with advice tailored to their situation. Both in terms of behavior and appearance. She will move you forward by making you ready to welcome your soulmate. To do this, you have to have self-confidence and not be afraid to get involved because Elite Connexion is a serious high-end marriage agency.

Confidence and openness

These two terms are essential when you are part of Elite Connexion. The members trust Guerda blindly because they know her instincts work for her. This former actress has a lot of experience. It has put it at the service of its members who want to build a stable and lasting relationship. Trusting him is accepting that the choices we have always made may not be the right ones, that some character traits that we have should be reduced, but also that some of our strengths should be highlighted more. This is why we have to be open-minded in order to accept any changes in our life. And so, make way for love!